I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has spare notebooks laying around the corner of my room empty. That would be the reason why I created this post in the first place, to help those whom are like me for buying too many notebooks and ending up not using them. Well, if you are one of these people, keep on reading!

Recently I started buying different kinds of notebooks, may they be spiral, composition, or plain journals. Sadly, I don’t have use for all of them because I usually take notes with my online notebook. Thankfully with my research and recent writings I found different ways for us to fill our notebooks and not wasting any page that is there.


1.) Reviewers, Notes, Study Notes

This works well mostly for students. You could use your spare notebook for jotting down important information you would need for future references. This notebook is really effective mostly because your compiling all your notes into a more summarize and suiting for your understanding.

My Experience: I for one normally use this method for my extra classes or extra lessons I would like to take online.


2.) Travel Notebook, Photos, Tickets

If you’re planning on travelling a lot in the next few years this would be a fun activity for you to do. You can use your spare notebook as a travel journal, take it with you wherever you go and just express all your feelings out in the very moment. You could even place your tickets, photos or even small objects like a flower, a leaf or even a candy wrapper. This is a great way for you to track down all the places you’ve travel and reminisce this moments in the future.

My Experience: I haven’t really traveled a lot of places this year except for my one trip in Japan. I could say this is more likely to work for those who travel a lot.


3.) Diary, Letters to Yourself

It’s almost like a Travel Notebook except it’s more towards yourself rather than anything else. This is where you can express your feelings at the moment, or how you feel, or rants that you want to tell someone but don’t have anyone else to tell. It’s your own personal notebook filled with your thoughts, imaginations and dreams.

My Experience: I usually keep a diary nearby my nightstand and write down my thoughts and a poems there and then. I really adore this idea because it lessens my need to rant to someone else and worry about them getting annoyed or irritated.


That ends today’s post! I’ve only tried 3 different ways to fill up your blank notebook but don’t worry I’ll be trying new ones soon. Don’t forget to leave a like if you enjoy today’s blog and also comment down below your thoughts.

See you again my lovelies~ ☆*。★゚*☆.。.:*・°



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