Thus coming from a fangirl herself

Let’s all admit there comes a time in one’s life when an obsession over an actor, singer, model, or maybe an animated character that will never exist because they’re too perfect to live in this terrible reality. When becoming a ‘fangirl’ most people went through the five stages of realization that your obsession is going to be a part of your life and without them you’ll find yourself completely useless. You don’t have to worry if your older than you are expected to be a fangirl because there’s no age restrictions in becoming one. And also, YOU are not alone.


” Denial “

The first stage would be denial. This stage occurs before you even realize that you will soon be obsessed into stalking this certain person in every platform of social media. At this stage you aren’t really well aware that you are a fangirl before you start realizing you incidentally follow them through all your social media accounts, and even making a new social media account dedicating it to them.

In my case this started my obsession of animated characters before I made my very own social platform to admire them. I would occasionally deny my admiration to the characters who I found ‘intriguing’ or may I say ‘attractive’. It’s a usual daily routine of me trying to forget and ignore that character who keeps on going on my mind. It would drive me crazy whenever their face and name casually enters my thoughts.

” Anger “

The second stage is anger. I could honestly say this happens to me a lot. This is when something about the person you’ve been obsessing causes to upset you, may it be a hater or some other irrelevant people insulting the person you admire/fangirl over. Or even late night thoughts on how upset you are that such perfect person ceased to exist in this world.

Or in my case it would happen every time I try to get some sleep when its night, but with the presence of the animated characters I do think of comes to mind the word ‘sleep’ suddenly trails of my vocabulary.

Image result for anime girl angry gif
” Obsession “

The third stage is Obsession. Now this is where it all goes downhill. When you first found the person you are fangirling over you might as well be confused on what’s happening to your surroundings. It’s almost like your thinking has changed about everything once you found the person you have been fangirling over with. This is where you start to be possessive or over protective of this person, some may even be agressive at this point of protecting their beloved person..



” The fandom “

The fourth stage is “The Fandom” or what I would like to call “Acceptance”. This is the most thrilling part of the stage where in you finally accepted you are a fangirl! You have finally embraced that you are truly obsessed over the person and it has become a part of your daily routine, may it be stalking or posting a new tweet on your timeline admiring the person. In this stage you would no longer care about what others think about your obsession to this person. It’s more like “I love them so what” kind of attitude will stay until you find the rest of your fandom which then becomes a part of your family.

Basically saying, “Welcome to the fandom.”

These are basically the stages that involves a person becoming a fangirl. It is based on my experience and also a few research online. I hope you enjoy todays blog and don’t forget to leave a like and comment down what you’d like to hear from me next. Don’t forget to follow for weekly blogs. ♡
see you again my lovelies☆.。.:*・°
sincerely eve ☆*。★゚*


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