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For those who don’t know the meaning of pet peeve it is something that a particular person finds annoying and cringey, or something that make us flinch. I do have several pet peeves but I’m not the kind of person to point it out in the public, instead I just keep it in deep down and think positively. Don’t fret! I won’t be blogging about negative things any time soon!

List of Pet Peeve(s)

  1. I dislike how people chew with their mouths open, this includes eating with your mouth open, and chewing real loudly. It would be hard for me to understand what others are saying…
  2. I dislike how ads that can’t be skipped pops up every time I watch on YouTube. I mean I understand that they profit from it but those ads that are about 30 seconds and more are just…
  3. I dislike spoilers, spoilers and more spoilers! I encountered lots of people who are like this, and it saddens me how I can’t enjoy the rest of the show/movie because they spoiled it…
  4. I dislike how people would mess up my papers. This happens mostly in class whenever they would borrow my notes/papers, and once they returned it, it looks like a mess..
  5. I dislike how others don’t cover their mouth when they cough or sneezes. Like seriously, excuse you..
  6. I dislike how people can’t fall in line. From my school the 11th graders just don’t know how to line up, even when the line is long!
  7. I dislike how people who walks in grounds walk slowly or stop suddenly taking the entire side of the street. Please move..

Well those are my pet peeves! Let me know yours down below! Also, can you relate to any of my pet peeves?

So those are a few of my favorite quotes! Also I hope you enjoy todays blog and don’t forget to leave a like and comment down what you’d like to hear from me next. Don’t forget to follow for weekly blogs. ♡
see you again my lovelies☆.。.:*・°
sincerely eve ☆*。★゚*


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