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Hey guys it’s my evescapes and welcome to Day 7 of my intake of the “30 Day Blogging Challenge” where in you guys could slowly get to know me! I hope you guys enjoy my journey through this challenge. Check out my blog and see my progress!

So without further ado, let’s begin~


This was a quite challenging task for me to list down the reasons why I love school. I do love attending classes mostly because I wouldn’t want to stay at home and do nothing all day long. Well, continue reading to find out the reasons why I love school and hopefully this will inspire you guys to love attending school classes!

     Top 5 reasons
why I love my school

1.) Thursday Menu. Every Thursday in our cafeteria we have this special meal that comes only at Thursdays, which I really love. It was a struggle to get my hand on it since usually the line is long and most students would order it.

2.) Vending Machine. Of course the only way I could survive a day in school would be coffee. Don’t worry I don’t drink coffee in a daily basis since it’s unhealthy to do so, but only on days when I ended up not sleeping the night before, or having about only 3 hours of sleep due to projects and assignments. Thankfully, the coffee in our school was cheap and affordable!

3.) Japanese Food. Yes, you read that right. Our cafeteria sells Japanese food, which is somehow affordable and worth it’s price! No more explanation needed.

4.) Shuttle/Bus Stop. Thankfully our school has a bus stop nearby the busy road. Mostly because there’s Starbucks nearby the bus stop hihi.

5.) Fridays. A day where we can dress up however we can, we even dressed in our pajamas once so it’s great and comfortable!

Well those are the list of reasons why I love my current school! I hope you guys enjoyed Day 7 of the challenge, dont forget to check my website and see my whole experience in taking this challenge!

Also I hope you enjoy todays blog and don’t forget to leave a like and comment down what you’d like to hear from me next. Don’t forget to follow for weekly blogs. ♡
see you again my lovelies☆.。.:*・°
sincerely eve ☆*。★゚*


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