Related imageKill all those unworthy. 

Here’s another anime related quiz for my viewers! Today’s quiz we’re going to find out “Which Badass Anime Character Are You?” made by Anjali Patel in BuzzFeed. I love answering their quizzes and not to mention finding out the results of it could be fun.  How about let’s get started shall we?


So without further ado, let’s begin the quiz~

Searching for another anime quiz was quite easy, but choosing one from the choices was hard. I was curious to find out the characters chosen in this quiz and if it would be appropriate for my certain answers. If you guys would want to try out this quiz yourself feel free to click here.


I had a hard time choosing a weapon, mostly because I’m too much of a klutz in holding weapons. Who knows I might end up injuring myself. In the end I decided with my fist, even though I’m one weak willed human to defeat someone or punch someone with my tiny hands.

I guess it would be better to ask my friends and others opinion when it comes to this question but the last choice fits well. It would be my bold independence.

Honestly I wanted to wear something ridiculous while kicking other peoples butt but I decided to wear something more casual and comfortable. A hoodie and a hat to hide my identity would be more comfortable for me.

I was torn weather to choose the “what the hell is your problem” expression or the “incredibly mad at you in a tsundere manner” expression. Of course I had to choose the tsundere.

All of the choices made my chuckle since I could imagine a tsundere character in some shoujo anime saying all these, I guess my character will end up being a tsundere badass hero then lol! I chose “My specialty is lacerating flesh. Anyone interested in experiencing my skills firsthand, step right up.” of course I need to sound strong as hell with my tiny little body!

To become a hero is “to defend all of humanity!!!” It sounded cool for a second there in my mind.

My Results

Mikasa from Attack on TitanYou got: Mikasa from Attack on Titan

Others may see you as reserved, but in reality you’re fiercely loyal and unerringly brave in the face of danger. Absolutely no one can get in your way when it comes to standing up for those you love. Though you don’t frequently open yourself up to others, when you do, you usually make friends for life.

I give this quiz a win  and a heart! Mostly because the character I ended up having was Mikasa lol! I would love to defeat all the badies and titans while wearing a scarf! I suggest you guys to commend down below your results and who knows there might be someone down there with the same results as you!

If you have any more quiz you’d like me to try comment down below the link and you might be seeing me do so in the future! If you guys would want to try out this quiz yourself feel free to click here.

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