Image result for anime girl gif fridgeLet’s do this thing.

Hey guys it’s my evescapes and welcome to Day 13 of my intake of the “30 Day Blogging Challenge” where in you guys could slowly get to know me! I hope you guys enjoy my journey through this challenge. Check out my blog and see my progress!

So without further ado, let’s begin~


Here come the unlucky 13 with a very interesting topic, “What’s in my fridge?”. I would’ve taken a picture to show you guys my fridge but seeing how messy my kitchen was it was better to not show it.

This wasn’t quite a challenge to do since it’s pretty easy to list down what’s in my fridge lol. I live with a family of four and we mostly buy what’s needed for the whole week, this isn’t going to be as interesting as the other challenges but let’s do this!

whats in my fridge list


Image result for anime supermarket gif

1.) Eggs, Bacon, Hot Dog – These are the most common items we would buy for our breakfast. We do often change it up a bit, but the most basic ones would be these three. In where i’m from we also eat tocino, cornbeef, and omelette.

2.) Orange Juice, Almond Milk, Milk, Soy Milk – My mom is lactose intolerant and she usually takes medicine whenever she ends up eating something with dairy products in. We usually buy soy milk for her as a substitute. Also I love almond milk so my mom would casually allow me to have one.

3.) Pudding, Yogurt – One of the things I love to have as snacks whenever I come home early for school. Of course I buy these with my own money since it’s mine to have.

4.) Pork, Chicken, Beef – Of course we need meat in our fridge. There would be times we’d have more kinds of meat whenever my brother comes and cooks dinner every family evening in Sunday.

5.) Vegetables – Of course the greens that we need and love. I’ve always love eating vegetables ever since I was young, this includes the horrifying broccoli. I never had any troubles with having no healthy vitamins here in my system.

These are all that’s inside my fridge! I wasn’t kidding about it being a little boring lol. It’s just the basic needs in what a fridge would have. I hope you guys enjoyed Day 13 of the challenge, don’t forget to check my website and see my whole experience in taking this challenge!

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Also I hope you enjoy todays blog and don’t forget to leave a like and comment down what you’d like to hear from me next. Don’t forget to follow for weekly blogs. ♡
see you again my lovelies☆.。.:*・°
sincerely eve ☆*。★゚*



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