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Hey guys it’s my evescapes and welcome to Day 14 of my intake of the “30 Day Blogging Challenge” where in you guys could slowly get to know me! I hope you guys enjoy my journey through this challenge. Check out my blog and see my progress!

So without further ado, let’s begin~


Here we are on the 14th day of this challenge. For today, I’ll be showing you guys a few of my healthy habits and hopefully give some tips to you guys on having a healthier lifestyle. In all honesty I don’t necessarily call the following “healthy habits” since other bloggers and YouTuber’s is even “healthier” than I am. So the following will be one of the basics of having a healthier lifestyle.

Enough of the rambling, let’s begin shall we?

list of my everyday healthy habits


  1. Eating Fruits and Vegetables – I usually eat fruits and vegetables every morning to have a ‘healthy start of the day’ thing. This gives you the proper vitamins you need daily~ I also pack some fruits as a treat in school.
  2. Keep Things Organized – This is a must for me, mostly because half of my room is still yet to be organize. Most people around me said that having a room that’s more organize and clean will help inspire you having a clean lifestyle! So far I’ve done half of my room, and it made a huge difference for me, in a good way of course. Having everything organize is just pleasing and justifying for me.
  3. Drink 7 Glasses of Water – I normally drink more than seven glasses just to make sure I keep that liquid in me to cleanse my inside. My family raised me into drinking water after I wake up, before a meal, and 30 minutes before I sleep.
  4. Read Any Types of Books – From my aspect I find reading books a healthy thing. It calms me and it just helps me process faster whenever I’m in class, and also helps me pay attention. I guess it depends on the person itself.
  5. Have Some Alone Time – Honestly having some alone time for myself helps me think about how my life is, and how it’s going to go. The past days I try to have some alone time for myself to help me relax and calm down.


These are all my healthy habits! I knew it was going to be a short and simple list from the beginning lol. Some of these tips were already mentioned by many people and posts online. I hope you guys enjoyed Day 14 of the challenge, don’t forget to check my website and see my whole experience in taking this challenge!

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Also I hope you enjoy todays blog and don’t forget to leave a like and comment down what you’d like to hear from me next. Don’t forget to follow for weekly blogs. ♡
see you again my lovelies☆.。.:*・°
sincerely eve ☆*。★゚*



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