Let’s do this thing.

Hey guys it’s my evescapes and welcome to Day 15 of my intake of the “30 Day Blogging Challenge” where in you guys could slowly get to know me! I hope you guys enjoy my journey through this challenge. Check out my blog and see my progress!

So without further ado, let’s begin~


“Here ye! Here ye! We are on the 15th day of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge!” I can’t believe we’re halfway on this challenge. In today’s challenge I’m faced to answer the question “Where will you be in 5 years?”. I’ve asked myself that question numerous times before but I never really had a straight answer, mostly because I don’t really know what I want to be in the future just yet.

I’m going to make this challenge like a game ending type of thing, where I’ll be listing different endings of my life and what I want to happen. It’s almost like good ending number one, good ending number two, etc. If you continue reading you’ll know what I mean.

where will you be in the next 5 years

part time student
In 5 years I’ll still be in college as a part-time store clerk/assistant in a mall nearby where I live. I’ll be living in an apartment nearby my school (that allows pets of course), or maybe become a dormer myself if I can’t afford any apartments nearby. Hopefully I’ll be in an apartment that’s pet friendly so I can have my very own dog, specifically a pug, or maybe a little kitten (or the cat I’m currently taking care of if he’s still alive).

part time student online
In 5 years I’ll still be a college student but this time working online. I’m hoping to have an online store, maybe in Facebook, Instagram or set up a website myself filled with items preloved items with the quote “used but not abused” or maybe resell some items online may it be clothes or make up. I also hope to sell all my artworks online, or my little doodles here and there.

In 5 years I probably already graduated early in school and in search for a job. I might as well work for my mothers company since it’s an easy process, or look for another job in another company so that I could have some experience outside my mom’s company. I’ll be a future programmer, who’s also studying marketing and hopefully psychology in my free time. I’ll be living with my mom still and of course have a pet friend.

everyday adventure
In 5 years I’m probably walking on foot taking in new adventured everyday with the money I saved. I’ll be working as an online travel blogger and an anime lifestyle blogger which is where I’ll be getting most of my income. I’ll be travelling with my boyfriend or friends, or even maybe my mother along with me if she’s willing to come. Of course I’ll be coming back home here and then.

ordinary student
In 5 years I’ll still be in college with my preferred course and also have co curricular courses and learn as much as I can within this period. I’ll be focusing more on my studies and join as much seminars as I possibly can. I’ll be living with my mom and we’ll have Sunday dates here and then.

These are all my guesses for what’s going to happen to me in 5 years. I haven’t really thought of it at first but having the chance to partake this day in the challenge made me realize a bunch of things that will revolve around my life. I hope you guys enjoyed the 15th day of this challenge, don’t forget to check my website and see my whole experience in taking this challenge!

Image result for anime icon tumblr
Also I hope you enjoy todays blog and don’t forget to leave a like and comment down what you’d like to hear from me next. Don’t forget to follow for weekly blogs. ♡
see you again my lovelies☆.。.:*・°
sincerely eve ☆*。★゚*



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