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For those of you who aren’t familliar with this anime Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo talks about Seven Witches whom are students from Suzaku high, each of which inherits a unique special power passed on by former generations within the school. It is said they gained those powers by their desires. Their powers works though kissing, although there are several exceptions which the witches can use through normal body contact which is extremely dangerous.

That’s all I’m going to be telling you without spoiling the entire series. I do reccomend you to watch the anime if you’re into romance shougo type of genra’s. I originally read the manga then watched the live action of Yamada-kun to Nananin no Majo before watching the actual anime.

Now let’s start the quiz shall we? I’m also interested on which character I am from the anime! Feel free to try the quiz out, just click here!

“To your friends you are…”
I chose protective because I worry for my friends health and emotions. I would like to at least protect them in any way possible, even the smallest effort would be appreciated.

“Do you find it hard to commit your feelings”
I answered Rarely because there are times where I just think to myself that others would care less to what I have to say.

“You use your power to…”
If I were to have my very own power, I would use it to understand others.

“Are you ashamed of nudity?”
I guess I don’t really care? Umm, it just depends on the person I guess.

“You often…”
I wish there was an answer that says eat and sleep a lot. Although I choose to take pleasure in small things.

“Would you mind kissing anyone to get what you want?”
It really depends on the situation and who it is.

“Your friends are in danger, what do you do?”
I try my best to help them of course.

“What is your biggest flaw?”
I tend to runaway from the problems since I’m sometimes too scared to face it.

and finally the last question “Someone betrays you, how do you act?”
This happened before and I avoid them.

My Results

You’re just like Maria! Maria is generally very friendly and easygoing, very rarely shown to be in a bad mood and easily able to talk to anyone. She is physically affectionate towards her friends as she likes to kiss and hug them. She is also shown to have a flirtatious streak, especially towards Yamada as she comes with a few suggestive comments around him and even uses her tongue to kiss him.

My Final Thoughts

Before I got my answer I first saw a commercial/advertisement of KFC which I found funny. Nevertheless the person they gave me was Maria Sarushima whom I can relate to when I read the manga. I find this quiz to be a hit! I do agree with the answer they gave me. I would recommend anyone to try this quiz out and don’t forget to comment down and tell me your results! Click here to try out the quiz!


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