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As I scroll around Tumblr my most favorite platform of social media by the way,  I seem to notice that most of those whom I follow had a similar interest which is Manhwa and Manhua. Manhwa means Korean Manga on the other hand Manhua means Chinese Manga. Please note that I have not read that much Manhwa or Manhua manga’s recently. I do remember encountering one in like two or three years ago.

If you’re a fan of Manhwa or Manhua I am not giving any hate I’m actually doing the opposite.

I’ve actually been curious and would like to start reading a Manhwa or Manhua. There were lots suggested to me online when I searched “Most Popular Manhwa/Manhua online” which lead me to a Manhwa called Tamen De Gushi by Tan Jiu which peaked my interest.

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Basically I would like to ask some help and recommend me any Manhwa or Manhua worth the read. I’m not entirely a picky person when it comes to my Manga. I go for the range of vanilla romance to psychological thriller Manga’s.

Please help me, this will help reduce my boredom in class and in my spare time.

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