Welcome to my fourth day of the “Colorful Anime Challenge” hair version! Feel free to try the challenge yourself! Don’t forget to tell me in the comments or tag me, I would love to see your personal opinion with this challenge. Also I did not create this challenge or whatsoever, I just came across this challenge in Google and Anime Amino and would love to spread it to this community. So let’s all do this together shall we?

favorite female with blue hair 

Image result for rem tumblrThis was honestly debatable for me since I had two potential winners but as you can see I decided on Rem from the anime Re: Zero. One of the reasons why is because she is my waifu material. She’s polite and respectful, not to mention she’s great in cooking! I do have high respect for those who’s good at cooking! I still am disappointed at Subaru for not choosing her, but worry not! I shall keep her company and warmth.

Related image
Rem “My Waifu”

favorite male with blue hair

Related imageNo doubt in mind I chose Black Star from Soul Eater for this award. Yeah he’s arrogant, loud and immature and not to mention egotistic but his character can’t help but make me laugh every time I watch an episode with him in it. He’s one of the characters who inspires me to keep on living and working hard for what I believe him with his famous catchphrase “I will be the man who will surpass God!” which is what he is actually trying to do.

Related image

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credits pictures to the artists



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