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Across several posts I’ve seen in Facebook a friend of mine shared a video from a page (which sadly I can’t remember) about a new anime romance movie coming soon in 2018 that talks about a character that has “Terminal Cancer”.

Aniplex has revealed an emotional new movie project called “Kimi no Suizou wo Tabotai” that was originaly a light novel. The anime follows about a female student who undergoes a terminal pancreatic cancer and was said to have one year to live hence the title translated to “I want to eat your pancreas”.

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The plot talks about an unnamed boy finds Sakura Yamaguchi’s (the female protagonist who is suffering from the disease) diary during a hospital visit and learns that Sakura has been hiding the cancer from her classmates and friends. The male protagonist promises to keep her secret while spending her last months of life together. If you want to read more click on here.

The production staff and voice cast will soon be announced by Aniplex soon. The movie does follow the novel made by Sumino Yoru which you could read more about here.

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My Final Thoughts

I’ve so far read the first chapter of the manga which I think is the only one out so far and found the story a tad bit interesting and can’t help but be intrigue with how the movie would be. I just hope the hype won’t die down because another feels anime would soon be released. Let’s all join the feels train after this.

I have found a pdf copy online of the translated story, sadly not the full volume of the manga and it’s all just words just to get a few insights and knowledge on how the story is and how it progresses. I do suggest to support the author itself and buy it’s manga online or any book store you could find the book on.

I’ll update you guys as much as I can after I’ve read the 10 chapters I have without giving any spoilers. I’ll be giving a rating, my feelings and thoughts and of course if the story is worth to watch in anime form.

Time for me to get to class after writing this blog. See you everybody!

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