Summary: A miracle is about to happen to an unattractive loner guy.

Status: Ongoing

Park Hyung Seok (Daniel Park) has always been bullied in his previous school being overweight and short he appeared to be an easy target to make fun of. After all the torments that his classmates had done he couldn’t take it anymore and asked his mother to change schools. His mother at first refused his request because of financial reasons and she was afraid that he would be be far away from his friends. He felt insulted and burst out his anger yelling at his mother on how he didn’t care about his friends and would instead study hard.

On the following chapters it revealed that his mother finally agreed to him transferring schools and in return she would stay behind and work to pay for his rent, she said she’d be the one to handle his expenses and told him not to worry about her at all. He finally was able to transfer schools and start his life anew, or did he?


I love how the characters are different from one another and how the artist were able to show each of the characters different stories, background and personality. It makes you want to get to know the characters even more! One of my favorites would have to be Jay, he’s just such a mystery and I hope to get to know the character even more soon in the following chapters! I will be making a separate post about the characters of “Lookism” so be sure to follow me to be updated!

Image result for jay lookism

Final Verdict

When I found this webtoon in the discover tab at first I fell in love with the art style of the characters then after reading a few chapters I can honestly say that im in love and hooked up to this webtoon. I haven’t finished reading the webtoon to it’s latest chapter but I do recommend you guys to give this webtoon a try. From the title itself “Lookism” the webtoon talks about how looks does matter in the real life, pointing out real life scenarios and how unfortunately different those scenarios would be if your good looking or unappealing. I guess that’s the reason why I continue on reading this webtoon is because it can be related into real life situations.

The story itself was amazing, it doesn’t focus on the main character itself but also on the side characters, being able to see how their life is and how they get through their own problems good looking or not. I’ve already read until the updated chapter and I am really excited for the next coming chapters! I do recommend you guys to read this webtoon.

You guys should go and download the app Webtoon” which is available in the app and play store, you could also read it online here. There are a bunch of stories that you could read also different categories for you to search on!


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credits pictures to the artists



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