Related imagefinally decided to write this post eeeek!

I’ve been debating on doing a new challenge since I still have one more challenge to finish up– which  you guys should check out my take in the Colorful Anime Hair Challenge, shameless self promotion I know but you guys should check it out and do your own version yourself. We should get back to the topic should we? I’ve been thinking about this the 16 Days Shoujo Challenge that my friend recommended me to do and lately I’ve been reading a lot of Shoujo genre of manga so I thought, why not? 

Image result for anime gif happyreally happy that I decided to do this challenge

The challenge is a daily type of challenge which is going to be a challenge for me, I don’t really write blogs daily because of my schedule but I’ll do this all for the sake of fun! I will try hard not to miss any day and start having a habit of trying to post daily, this will be some sort of a test run for me to start posting daily. Be prepared for daily post because of this challenge. I will be doing this challenge by next week, so stay tuned for that! I want to also say that I did not create this challenge I was only inspired to do this challenge because a friend recommend me to do so, I’m unaware of who created the challenge first because I’ve seen several people do the challenge as well. I’m not taking credit of creating the challenge. 

Image result for anime gif emotionlessplease dont get angry at me, im not claiming the credit of this challenge

The picture isn’t clear so let me just type it for those who want to try the challenge for themselves, which I motivate those who would love to try it out!

00ba035bc69645a63a2a1e9525ffa35957388e30_0016 Days Shoujo Challenge
Day 1
: Name your Favorite Shoujo Manga(s).
Day 2: Name your Favorite Shoujo Anime(s).
Day 3: Any least Favorite Anime(s)/Manga(s).
Day 4: Name your Favorite Shoujo Genre(s).
Day 5: Any Favorite Manga Author(s).
Day 6: Best Shoujo Manga Artwork(s).
Day 7: Name your Favorite Shoujo Character(s).
Day 8: Name your favorite Male Shoujo Character(s).
Day 9: Name your Favorite Shoujo Ships/OTP(s).
Day 10: Name your Favorite Shoujo Moment(s).
Day 11: Any least Favorite Shoujo Character(s).
Day 12: Any Favorite Shoujo Supporting Character(s).
Day 13: Name who you would want to Kiss, Date, and Marry.
Day 14: Name the Character you want to Switch Places With.
Day 15: Name the Shuojo Manga(s) that Deserves its own Anime.
Day 16: What and Who got you into Shoujo?


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