Welcome to the ninth day of the “Colorful Anime Challenge” hair version! Feel free to try the challenge yourself! Don’t forget to tell me in the comments because I would love to see your personal opinion with this challenge. Please take note I did not create this challenge or whatsoever, I came across this challenge in Google and found someone from Anime Amino creating the challenge and would love to spread it to this community as well. So let’s do this together shall we?

Surprise! I’ll continue on posting this challenge daily. I do plan on posting daily challenges and focus on reaching my deadlines and have a more discipline schedule, so watch out for daily challenges and reviews! Also I’m about to do the 16 Day Shoujo Challenge which is a daily challenge. I’ve been feeling inspired lately to post up content in my blog!

favorite female with purple hair 

Image result for ririchiyo shirakiin gif

This beauty is Ririchiyo Shirakiin from the anime Inu x Boku SS. This was one of my favorite anime’s of all time a few years ago and something I would recommend (I’m a sucker for romance anime, and also she’s an adorable tsushun) if your a fan of supernatural romance type of anime with a hint of comedy in it. I awfully love her as a whole character and wish to cherish her through the ends of times, she just looks precious in my eyes and someone I want to protect. She also looks adorable feeling guilty or fall into depression when she says something she doesn’t mean~

favorite male with purple hair

Image result for Murasakibara Atsushi gif

The first person I thought of as a purple haired male anime character would be Atsushi Murasakibara from the sports anime Koroko no Basket. He was previously one of the Generation of Miracles’ center and being one of the largest players seen in the entire anime. But don’t be fooled with his inferior like appearance, he’s actually has a sweet tooth and mostly seen eating sugary snacks and all kinds of junk food.

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credits pictures to the artists



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